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Mole Skins Articles

Innocence Burnt

ALMOST all of us have memories like these. They are part of the collective folklore of Australian summers. Those long searing summer days spent lying in the hot sand, backs bared to the sun. The coolness of the water on our skins as we wallowed in the shallows for hours, more

The Great Aussie Cover-up

This summer many of us are throwing caution to the wind and baring our skins to the sun's burning rays - and the risk of skin cancer. Nikki Goldstein asked Professor Alan Coates, of the Australian Cancer Society, to explain why it's so important to cover up. For more

The Sun-smart Generation

ONE of my indelible memories of a childhood in Queensland is the sight and touch of cancerous skin. It was something we took for granted as children, the rough scaliness and patchiness of tormented Anglo-Celtic skins. Our middle-class great-grandmothers who came out to the sub-tropics from the d